Make the Roads Safer for Bikers and Pedestrians

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It is up to you to make the roads safer for everyone. Below are five simple rules you can follow:

1. Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalks. Even if there is no sign present, STOP for all pedestrians entering crosswalks. Remember pedestrians have the right of way.

2. Don’t text or talk on your cell phone while driving. It is illegal to text and drive in Chicago and to talk on a cell phone unless using a hands-free device. Avoid these distractions and stay focused while driving.

3. Look behind you when opening car doors. Look for cyclists when exiting and entering vehicles near bike lanes. Accidents due to “doorings” can be very serious and are easily avoidable.

4. Don’t drive or park in bike lanes. Obstructing bike lanes forces cyclists to merge into faster moving traffic. This endangers cyclists. It is simple: keep out of the bike lane.

5. Maintain three feet of clear space when passing cyclists. Passing cyclists too closely is dangerous and against the law. Keep a safe distance of at least three feet when passing a cyclist.

A pedestrian or cyclist could be your friend, your family member, or your neighbor. Please follow these few rules and make our roads safer.

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