Could OSHA violations lead to construction accidents?

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Constructions sites are often very active places with workers performing a multitude of tasks. Building a residential or commercial property in Illinois may involve setting up the frame, wiring the structure, pouring concrete and much more. Workers engaged in extensive physical labor may find themselves narrowly avoiding injury while some workers are not so lucky. Injuries and, sadly, fatalities happen at construction sites. Being aware of potential OSHA violations could help workers reduce the risk of injury.

The fatal dangers at construction sites

Some incidents at a construction site may end with the gravest result: someone passes away. Falls, for example, could lead to death if someone suffers serious head trauma, a punctured lung or another severe injury. Falling off a ladder or from the third floor of an unfinished building could lead to death, and so might a fall on the ground level. A person might slip and suffer a skull fracture on the cement sidewalk.

Rules exist to cut down on potential disasters. Of course, adhering to the rules becomes necessary for them to prevent serious injuries.

OSHA violations at worksites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, establishes rules and regulations to prevent injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, not all construction sites comply with the statutes. Several violations occur frequently, leading to many injuries and deaths.

Were scaffolds and ladders adequately maintained at the worksite? If not, then negligence may stand as the reason for any falls. Management could neglect to provide fall protection equipment and training.

Poor communication, weak supervision, a lack of safety training and the presence of dangerous equipment could all lead to harm. Such things may also reflect OSHA violations.

Getting compensation after an accident

A workers’ compensation claim could cover losses after construction accidents. In some situations, a negligence suit might be justified and necessary.

An attorney may review an injured construction worker’s case to see whether employer negligence played a role. The attorney may offer suggestions about how to proceed with injury claims or a lawsuit.

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