Are truck accidents increasing?

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The trucking industry provides enormous support to the country’s economy. The commercial trucks traveling in Illinois carry cargo that supports many industries, and the overwhelming number of vehicles arrive at their destination safely. However, numerous trucks become involved in collisions due to negligence. Worse, an unfortunate number of crashes result in fatalities.

Worrisome statistics about truck accidents

Data logged in 2017 focusing on truck accidents reveal that the number of truck collisions have continually increased since 2009. These figures coincide with sobering reports that more than 70% of all fatal accidents involve a large truck. The size and mass of a tractor-trailer or another oversized vehicle could inflict enormous damage on a smaller vehicle and inflict life-threatening injuries.

Although trucks carrying hazardous cargo accounts for only 4% of fatal accidents, a crash involving a truck transporting chemicals, explosives, and other dangerous materials could potentially inflict severe injuries.

Truck accidents and reasons behind them

Regardless of the cargo hauled, drivers may keep the roads safer by driving more carefully. Unsafe driving habits could lead to terrible collisions.

Truck drivers that don’t care about speed limits put others in harm’s way. Any moving violation committed by a truck driver may potentially cause an accident. So could refusing to adhere to regulated break schedules. Rules mandate drivers take breaks to keep them from becoming fatigued, and driving while excessively tired might end in a crash.

Fatigue-related big rig accidents might derive from illnesses or inebriation. Truckers too tired to drive should realize their actions could leave them liable for any collisions.

A truck driver might not be the one responsible for a collision. Another driver could do something risky, such as cutting in front of a tractor-trailer and cause a multicar crash. Anyone who contributes to an accident may face a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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