Pain onset from hidden injuries after a vehicle accident

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Auto accidents are a common daily occurrence, but Chicago residents might experience injuries that don’t show right away. Even with same-day X-rays or MRIs, some injuries don’t get detected immediately.

Chronic pain conditions such as whiplash or back pain can occur days or weeks after the crash. It is important to understand what injuries could occur after the accident date to receive additional damages.

What are some of the hidden injuries from an auto accident?

There are several examples of hidden injuries that can develop after an auto accident. These injuries can start as sudden tweaks in your neck or tingling in your fingers or toes. These symptoms may come and go. The following list will help you recognize some signs of hidden injuries:

  • Whiplash results in severe pain in the neck or back.
  • Numbness is a tingling sensation in fingers, toes or other parts of the body.
  • Herniated discs cause severe low back or neck pain, sudden loss of muscle control and other chronic pain symptoms.
  • Traumatic brain injuries present with headaches, nausea, acute head pain and other symptoms. TBIs can show up much later after an auto accident.
  • Shoulder or knee pain can begin with tingling, sharp pain or weakness.

Can you claim damages from late-onset injuries from an auto accident?

It’s challenging for a layperson to determine how an injury originated. Any of these injuries can occur long after the initial auto accident. If you begin to experience unexplained pain symptoms, seeking a medical evaluation would be a wise decision.

Your delayed onset injuries may entitle you to damages if you believe your injuries resulted from the auto accident. Keeping accurate and complete records of your accident will be helpful for your claim.

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