Deaths and risks of asphyxiation in adult bed rails

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Defective Products

Bed rails are more dangerous than most consumers think. Certain brands have led to several deaths by asphyxiation. Recalls in Illinois are necessary to prevent more deaths and warn the public of dangers found in bed rails in general.

Recent bed rail recalls

Carex adult portable bed rails made by Compass Health have been recalled after three deaths. The designs make it easy for users to become entrapped within the rails or between the rails and the mattress. This increases the risks of asphyxiation from not moving able to move and breathe properly.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has urged users of Carex bed rails to stop using their model P566 and P569 products that were sold since 2012. This voluntary recall is being announced with the assistance of Compass Health Brands.

Determining product liability

Product liability is not always easy to determine. In some cases, the bed rail user is to blame for misusing the product or not following the manufacturer’s instructions. In the case of the Carex recalls, the manufacturer made faulty designs that resulted in a handful of deaths and health complications. When the company is solely to blame for the client’s problems, it must withdraw the product and pay compensatory damages to the sufferers.

The ever-present dangers of adult bed rails

Adult bed rails are easy to install but often unstable and risky to use regularly. Sick and elderly patients in nursing homes are not the only people at risk. Anyone who installs and uses faulty bed rails, even if they’re used properly, could face death or asphyxiation. As a consumer, you should pay attention to product recalls and take them seriously before an accident happens.

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