How improper loading can lead to truck accidents

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Commercial truck drivers in Illinois have a huge responsibility. Due to the sheer size and weight of semi-trucks, one mistake on the highway can easily cause a deadly accident. People who load the huge trailers that are attached to commercial trucks also have a responsibility.

Improper loading is a serious problem

When truck trailers are loaded incorrectly, the unbalanced weight can increase the likelihood for big rig accidents. The driver may lose control of their vehicle, or certain parts of the truck could fail due to the unbalanced or overweight load. The specific impact that improper loading has on a truck depends on what mistakes were made in loading.

Types of improper loading

If a truck trailer is too heavy because of an overweight load, the truck may have an increased speed on declines as well as a longer stopping distance. Overweight loads can also make steering a lot more difficult.

Another type of improper loading is an unsecured load. As cargo shifts around in the trailer, the truck’s center of gravity will change, making the truck difficult to control. If a trucker is pulling an open deck trailer, unsecured loads could fall off and create a severe road hazard.

Truck loads that are uneven can also create serious problems. Weight in a trailer should be properly distributed rather than placed all in one area. Trailers that are unbalanced can cause braking issues and tip over while truck drivers try to make turns.

Truck accident victims can sue loading companies

Truck drivers do not always load their own trucks. If a third party was used for loading and unloading truck cargo, that party may be held responsible for accidents that were a direct result of improper loading.

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