3 common winter construction site hazards

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites in Illinois are hazardous to work environments any time of the year. During the winter, they can become even more dangerous. Winter weather conditions can lead to extreme cold, icy walkways, dangerous roads, and other hazards. Here are three of the most common winter hazards on construction sites:

#1: Cold-related injuries

If you work outside, it is extremely important to wear proper clothing for the current weather conditions. When your skin is exposed to freezing air, you could suffer from chilblains, frostbite, and hypothermia.

Your feet need to be protected not only from the cold temperatures but also from rain and snow. While walking around in wet areas without water-resistant footwear, you could develop a condition called trench foot. Trench foot can lead to a painful condition called gangrene.

#2: Slip and fall accidents

Some of the most common construction site accidents are slip-and-falls. These accidents are more likely to occur when walkways are wet or icy. Even if your main construction area is clear of ice and snow, you could potentially slip and fall in an icy parking lot. Remember to take short, deliberate steps while walking on slippery surfaces.

#3: Dangerous driving conditions

Inclement weather plays a role in 21% of all car accidents, according to the Federal Highway Administration. During the winter, driving to and from work can become much more hazardous. A lot of construction workers also have to drive between different sites to pick up and deliver supplies.

Recovering from winter injuries

If you are injured on the job due to winter weather conditions, it’s important that you take time to recover. Returning to work too early after an accident could aggravate an injury and put you at risk for another accident.

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