3 common causes of truck accidents

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Every day, truck drivers travel the highways of Illinois to bring us essential goods. While these large truck deliveries are vital for our economy, trucks inevitably pose a safety hazard due to their sheer weight and size. Here are three of the most common causes of truck accidents:

#1: Driver error and poor training

The No. 1 cause of truck accidents is driver error, which could be the fault of the truck driver or a passenger car driver. Since trucks are so large, any collision with a smaller vehicle could have devastating consequences.

There is currently a severe shortage of truck drivers combined with an increased demand for them. These factors may put pressure on trucking companies to hire lots of new drivers that lack training and experience.

#2: Equipment problems

Large commercial trucks are complex machines that require specialized mechanics. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Fatal Causation Study, 55% of truck crashes involved one or more mechanical failures. Some of the most dangerous equipment problems that can lead to truck crashes include:

  • Defective brakes
  • Transmission problems
  • Worn out tires
  • Broken turn signals

#3: Negligent employers

Federal safety regulations require truck drivers to limit their hours of service so that they can get enough rest in between trips. However, some trucking companies ignore these regulations in an effort to increase productivity. The result is often an exhausted truck driver who is more likely to be involved in a big rig accident.

Liability for truck accidents

Many truck drivers are employed or contracted by larger companies, which means that there are often multiple liable parties in truck accident claims. If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be able to sue the trucking company for negligent practices.

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