4 ways to avoid trucking accidents

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Accidents in Illinois that involve large commercial trucks are often devastating. Although truck accidents only make up 2.4% of all motor vehicle accidents, they can have some of the worst outcomes, especially when smaller passenger cars are involved. Here are four ways to avoid being involved in a truck accident:

#1: Limit your distractions

Distracted driving is the top cause of car accidents. Common causes of distraction are smartphones, infotainment systems and conversations with passengers. Drivers that try to multitask by eating or grooming while they drive can also become distracted. If you are distracted behind the wheel, you may neglect to watch out for large trucks and be unable to take decisive actions to avoid trucking accidents.

#2: Be aware of your speed and following distance

Speed and following distance are very important, especially when you’re driving on the highway with a lot of trucks. After distracted driving, speeding is the second leading cause of car accidents. Since trucks have a much longer stopping distance than other cars, they won’t be able to stop suddenly if you change lanes too close in front of them.

#3: Look out for blind spots

Trucks are larger than normal vehicles, and they have larger blind spots. That means that when you are driving in a lane beside a large truck, the trucker may not be able to see you. Being aware of trucks’ blind spots is a key part of staying safe while driving around them.

Liability for trucking accidents

About 16% of trucking accidents are caused by the truck drivers themselves. Other causes could be improper cargo loading or insufficient training.

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