Who is responsible for your injury at a condominium?

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Anyone living in a Chicago condominium must pay an annual fee to cover property maintenance. These fees are in place to ensure a clean, safe and efficient environment for condo owners and their guests.

However, if you or a visitor sustain an injury due to improper maintenance, you may have the option to seek damages from your condo’s homeowners association or management company.

Types of condo-related injuries

Without routine and thorough maintenance, large housing units pose significant hazards. Slip and fall accidents are among the most common causes of injuries at condos due to negligent upkeep. However, other problems leading to physical harm may include:

  • Faulty gym or playground equipment
  • Toxic mold in the air
  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Structural instability

Determining responsibility

Illinois laws give homeowners associations and management companies the responsibility to maintain a condominium’s public spaces. Therefore, these entities may be liable for damages when plaintiffs can prove that negligent property maintenance causes their injuries. However, Illinois comparative negligence laws also consider plaintiffs’ degree of responsibility for accidents resulting in their harm and reduce their damage awards by a corresponding percentage.

Possible damages

It is necessary to gather various forms of evidence to support a claim against a homeowners association or management company, including photos and eyewitness statements. Preparing a solid case can ensure plaintiffs receive maximum damages to cover medical bills, lost income, physical therapy, pain and suffering.

Following an injury at a condominium, it is vital to seek immediate medical attention before initiating a claim against the homeowners association or management service you rely upon to maintain a safe environment.

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