Drivers need to recognize distracted driving risks

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Behind the wheel, it is critical to pay attention and you should avoid any behaviors that could interfere with your driving abilities. Even if you recognize the dangers associated with texting and driving, there are other distractions that could lead to a crash. Sadly, some drivers fail to pay attention to these risk factors, and even responsible drivers can become distracted from time to time, or find themselves involved in an accident caused by another driver’s carelessness.

Distracted driving occurs for many different reasons, and the impact of accidents caused by distracted drivers is devastating.

How do drivers become distracted?

There are a number of distractions that can interfere with a driver’s ability to stay focused. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration goes over some examples of distracted driving, such as sending texts, making calls, eating food, using a GPS, adjusting the volume or talking to other passengers in your vehicle.

Texting accounts for many distracted driving crashes. The NHTSA reports that when traveling 55 miles per hour, someone who looks away from the road for just five seconds to send or read a text message will travel 100 yards.

What are the consequences of distracted driving?

The NHTSA states that over the course of 2020, distracted driving accidents claimed more than 3,100 lives. Furthermore, these crashes result in a significant number of injuries. If you are seriously hurt in a collision, you could have debilitating injuries, mental trauma, financial hardships and other difficulties to work through. If a distracted driver caused you to face these challenges, you need to understand your legal options.

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