Trucking accident statistics indicate causes for concern

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Truck accidents present a significant danger to occupants of other vehicles in the Chicago area. With the city being a hub of so much commerce, many semi trucks come in and out of the region on a daily basis. While most trucking runs are of course uneventful, a trucking collision poses a serious risk to others in passenger vehicles. Due to the immense size and weight of large commercial trucks, people in smaller vehicles are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or even fatalities.

Drowsy driving is a danger

Large trucking accidents have been increasing, even as trucks and cars feature newer safety features. While truck crashes are associated with all of the traditional causes of traffic collisions, from speeding to distracted driving, there are particular dangers for large commercial vehicles. Every year, over 100,000 truck crashes are caused by sleep deprivation or drowsy drivers. Truck drivers face long shifts and may be under heavy pressure to meet specific deadlines. The effect of severe drowsiness on a driver’s judgment can be just as dangerous as drunk driving in some cases.

Maintenance failures in trucking crashes

Truck maintenance is also a major concern for collisions on the road. Up to one-third of all crashes involving semi trucks are related to some kind of tire damage. Worn or defective brakes also pose a major threat to the safety of others on the road. If a load is not properly fastened and attached within the truck, it can also lead to a collision with other vehicles. When trucking companies cut down on maintenance to save money, the other costs can be devastating to fellow travelers on the roads.

Of course, all accidents are unique, and the truck driver is not always at fault in a collision. However, these kinds of accidents can have particularly serious consequences for the drivers of smaller vehicles, with extensive medical bills, lost wages and other damages coming as a result.

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