What information can dashcams provide on a truck crash?

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If a large commercial truck hits your car on an Illinois road, you will likely suffer serious injuries and vehicle damage. The trucking company may claim that you bear responsibility for the collision. This is why you should know about truck dashcams.

A dashcam is a camera installed in automobiles, including big trucks. You should know if the truck that hit you has these cameras since they could produce important evidence.

Footage of driver actions

Dashcams trained on the inside of a truck cab can record what the truck driver was doing at the time of a crash. Work Truck explains that dashcam footage may reveal irresponsible driving behavior. For example, the video could show whether or not distracted driving was the cause of a crash, or if the driver was operating the truck while fatigued.

Footage of the crash in progress

Truck dashcams can also record the outside of the truck and the surrounding area. This footage may be helpful if you need to refute a claim that your car hit the truck and not the other way around.

Dashcam footage might reveal unsafe driving which led to the collision. An example is tailgating on the part of the truck driver. This footage could play a vital role in resolving a dispute over how a truck accident occurred.

Truck telematics

Dashcam footage is not the only technological evidence available. Many commercial trucks have telematics which record how the truck operates on the road. You may learn from truck sensors how fast the truck was going at the time it hit you.

If you want to find evidence pertaining to a truck crash, you could find that sensors and cameras on a big truck are valuable sources of information.

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