How to stay up-to-date on recalls

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Defective Products

One way the government seeks to help keep you safe from faulty products is through recalls. Many times, these are voluntarily done by manufacturers, but they may also be mandated by the government.

In any case, recalls can help you to know if a product is dangerous. Paying attention to them can enable you to avoid potentially bad products that could harm you or a loved one. In addition, if you already have suffered from a product defect injury, you can gather information for your case. There are several government sources that provide recall data.

Government-ran website database

The government provides a comprehensive database of recalls on The website provides a range of categories covering various consumer products. You can go here regularly to check out the newest alerts or sign up for emails that will tell you about newly added warnings.

Auto recalls information

If you have an issue with a motor vehicle, go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA maintains a database of auto-related recalls. You can check your specific vehicle or browse the items.

Outside the government

Beyond the government databases, you can also go directly to manufacturer websites. They will have details on there about recalls or other potentially helpful information on issues with their products.

If you suffer an injury from a product, you can report it. You should contact the government through the recall website and the manufacturer. Your report could help to save others from injuries and ensure you have proof the manufacturer was aware of the issue at the time of your injury.

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