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Inflatable Bouncy Houses and Slides Provide Enjoyment and Risk

It is that time of year when friends and families gather in backyards and parks to barbecue, to spend time together, and to enjoy outdoor activities. One common activity adults use to occupy children’s time is the inflatable bouncy house and inflatable slide. While inflatables can provide hours of enjoyment for kids, there are dangers associated with them that adults often fail to recognize and protect against.

Over the Memorial Day Holiday in Fort Lauderdale, FL, three children were injured after a poorly staked bouncy house became airborne and tossed the children into the air and onto a sandy beach. According to ABC News, the bouncy house was poorly fastened to basketball hoops, when a wind gust completely broke the attachments.

Many factors can contribute to injuries on inflatable bouncy houses and slides. Commonly, children are injured for two reasons: 1) improper or negligent installation, and 2) improper and negligent adult supervision. This was reportedly the case for the incident in Fort Lauderdale – the operators of the bouncy house reportedly failed to recognize weather conditions which may have posed a risk, the bouncy house was improperly secured, and the operators failed to properly supervise.

Whether inflatable structures such as bouncy houses and slides are provided by a company or borrowed from a neighbor or friend, the owner of the inflatable must properly instruct the user regarding proper installation and use. Proper installation includes proper inflation, securing the inflatable to the ground, as well as safeguarding the source of air. Once the inflatable is properly installed, secured and ready for use, it requires adult supervision at all times. Adults must supervise the number of occupants, prevent any misuse, and keep a lookout for dangerous weather conditions.

, P.C. has experience representing victims injured by neglected or improperly installed rides and negligently supervised inflatables. If you, your friend, or family member would like to consult with an injury attorney knowledgeable about these type of cases, please call us at 800-349-2414 for a free consultation.