Transportation Accident FAQs

Q. What Do I Need To Know If I Get Into A Transportation Accident?

Once the police have left and medical help has been sought, it is important to write down detailed information-this information is very useful for protecting your rights.

  1. Get the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of all drivers involved, driver’s license numbers, insurance information or insurance cards.
  2. Get the full names, addresses, phone numbers for all witnesses, passengers, pedestrians, witnesses, as well as owners of the vehicles’ names.
  3. Record where the accident happened, at what time, and the date.
  4. Write down as many details about the accident as you can. including the directions you and the other driver(s) were going, type of weather -sunny, rainy, snowy, etc., approximately what time the accident happened, details of the moments leading up to and following the accident, any injuries and what damage was done to the vehicles.
  5. Note any vehicle malfunctions that may have led up to the accident
  6. Note any problems with either vehicle that were already there before the accident happened. This could be broken lights, worn down tires, missing rear view mirror, etc.
  7. Note any indication(s) of drug or alcohol use.

Q. Why Should I Contact The Police If I Am Involved In A Transportation Accident?

A. When you contact the police for immediate investigation of the accident scene, it provides validation of the accident and the convenience of immediate investigation. Always contact the police, even after small accidents rather than speaking to the other driver. There is also the possibility that you might miss something important that could be valuable for proving a personal injury.

Q. Do I Need To Contact An Attorney After A Transportation Accident?

A. It is best to be proactive and contact an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury cases, especially when determining who is at fault. Perhaps the police report is incorrect, your insurance liability has a low cap, your insurance lapsed, or there are serious injuries. You will need an attorney to protect your rights.

Any questions that you have regarding your claim including questions regarding your insurance company can be answered by an experienced attorney. If you suspect that your insurance company is not acting in your best interest or feel that your rights may be violated, an attorney will answer your questions and can offer viable options.

Q. What Will My Insurance Company Do If I Am Involved In A Transportation Accident?

A. You must report your accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Promptly reporting your accident to your insurance company will increase your chances of coverage for the accident; delaying any information that they need or request can result in loss of your coverage.

Q. What Should I Say To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

A. NOTHING! This is important! Decline to speak with the other driver’s insurance company. They have trained adjusters who specialize in extracting certain information, information that could jeopardize your claim. Seek legal counsel from an experienced and competent personal injury attorney. Only he/she can best evaluate your options. Contact Kupets & DeCaro P.C. with any questions you have regarding this and other issues.

Q. I’m Not Sure If The Accident Was Partly My Fault Or Not. What Should I Do?

A. Speak immediately to an attorney before speaking to anyone else regarding the accident. You need the help of someone who has the experience to assist you in figuring out exactly what you may or may not be liable for.

Although you have good intentions, do not accept responsibility for the accident and apologize to the other party. This is not wise as your apology could be used against you at a later date. Seek legal counsel to evaluate and investigate your accident. Kupets & DeCaro will discuss your case at no charge.

Q. What Else Do I Need To Do If I Am Involved In A Transportation Accident?

A. To increase your chances of a settlement, there are many things you can do on your own to help your attorney, such as:

  • Take pictures of the cars and scene of the accident.
  • Secure copies of repair estimates.
  • Get a copy of the traffic accident report.
  • Provide any information that would be helpful regarding the driver who is responsible for the accident as well as any information about his/her insurance company.
  • Ask for copies of all medical records and bills.

Q. How Do I Know If My Claim Will Be Considered Viable?

A. If you have an injury as a direct result of a car accident, and it was the other driver’s fault, you have a good reason to seek a personal injury settlement. Proving that the accident was the result of another driver’s negligence will enable you to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses relating to the your treatment and rehabilitation
  • Future medical costs
  • Loss of wages
  • Depression
  • Pain and suffering

Contact the Chicago transportation attorneys at today for further information.

DISCLAIMER: All answers to the hypothetical questions contained herein are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be construed as legal advice. Kupets & DeCaro P.C. shall not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies contained herein.

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