How do bicyclists avoid injury risks?

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Bicyclists might find their preferred method of transportation gets them where they want to go efficiently. Some appreciate the avoidance of fuel costs, while others embrace the exercise benefits. No one wants to get hurt when riding a bike in Illinois, but accidents happen. Sadly, some accidents result in terrible injuries and deaths. Somber news reports suggest bike accident incidents might be increasing.

Bicycle accidents might be more common these days

If more people prefer to ride bicycles, the chances of accidents could increase. With the arrival of electric bicycles on the market, faster speeds may drive up crash figures even further. That said, bicyclists who put safety first could reduce their chances of collisions.

Research shows bicyclists need to worry about their safety. 2018 saw 857 bicyclists die after colliding with motor vehicles. Drivers aren’t always at fault for bike and auto accidents, but both car owners and bicycle enthusiasts need to avoid making mistakes that put everyone at risk.

Improving bicycle riding safety

Travel time factors into many accidents. Bicycling during the early evening hours or in rush hour traffic is not always advisable. Sharing the roads with scores of vehicles in congested conditions doesn’t add to increased safety. Also, the lighting might not be preferable when the sun starts to set. Even with reflectors and mounted lights, traveling in darkness could result in an accident.

Wearing appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets, could reduce an injury’s severity. While injuries may still occur, minor bumps and bruises would be preferable to any severe, life-altering brain or spinal problems. Auto accidents involving bikes may result in such terrible outcomes.

Even the best safety practices can’t always prevent negligence, though. Anyone hurt by a driver’s negligent behavior may consider filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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