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Last updated on October 26, 2023

For nearly 20 years, the attorneys at Law Offices of Kupets & DeCaro, P.C., have obtained thousands of successful recoveries for victims and their families. In every case we handle, it is our mission to help our clients recover the maximum compensation available to them. We take pride in our proven track record of successful settlements and court awards.

Below is a snapshot of some of the firm’s recent settlements and verdicts. To learn more about our case results and to speak with an attorney about how to achieve a similar outcome for yourself, contact our office in Chicago.

Premises Liability

Payne v. Ribs, premises liability and medical malpractice. $360,000.00 settlement for fall in a restaurant and $1,150,000.00 verdict for medical malpractice. Circuit Court of Cook County.

Adolfson v. Lake County, et al., county tree fell onto the roadway; struck vehicle; $1,000,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Lake County.

$700,000.00 settlement
Man dies of severe head injuries from a collapsed stairwell at the city’s parking garage.

$395,000.00 trial
A woman fell at O’Hare airport injuring herself.

Paul v. Joe’s Towing, premises – salvage yard operator dropped vehicle on the plaintiff. $325,000.00 settlement, Ogle County.

Pepin v. Commonwealth Edison, action against public utility; $325,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Cook County.

Zientara v. Keen Transport, premises liability – trailer was negligently maintained causing the plaintiff to fall through floorboards. $200,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Macon County.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Krall v. City of Des Plaines, left-turning driver involved in a crash with Des Plaines patrol car. $5,008,000 verdict (settled during appeal), Circuit Court of Cook County.

$3,700,000.00 settlement at trial
Construction worker injured by a semi truck. Case settled on the fourth day of trial. Semi-truck company’s last offer before trial was $2 million.

Lozancic and Estate of Becker v. McGinty Bros., auto-trailer breakaway, $1,010,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Vermilion County.

$465,000.00 Settlement
Nondeath motor vehicle accident.

Barbosa v. John, intersectional crash-ankle fracture. $235,000.00 settlement, Kane County.

Brock v. Kontolonis, motor vehicle crash, $185,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Cook County.

Tribley v. Fairbury Fair, motor vehicle – volunteer worker, knee injured by a fellow volunteer while preparing race track. $170,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Livingston County.

Fisher v. Coleman, defendant collided into plaintiff’s vehicle stopped in an intersection; $162,000.00; Circuit Court of Lake County.

$110,000.00 settlement
A passenger of a car injured when the driver lost control of the car.

Blue v. USF Holland, Victim rear-ended by USF truck. As part of the settlement, the defendant granted nondisclosure of the settlement amount. Circuit Court of Cook County.


$2,750,000.00 settlement
Woman’s death caused by failure to diagnose diabetes.

Ola Hill-Carter v. West Suburban Medical Center, et al., medical malpractice; wrongful death. $2,750,000.00 settlement. Circuit Court of Cook County.

Berkley v. Vermilion County Nursing Home, medical malpractice; $500,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Vermilion County.

$250,000.00 settlement
Paramedics contributing to the death of a young man having an epileptic seizure.

Steven Rice v. Edmonds, M.D., medical malpractice, misdiagnosis of shoulder injury, $175,000.00 settlement, Adams County – Quincy.

Workplace Accidents

Laube v. Baker Construction, construction case. Cement finisher injures knee on fall in wire mesh. $600,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Cook County.
Brooks v. ICX Trucking, construction workers hit by a truck. Settled one week into the trial, $3,700,000.00, Circuit Court of Sangamon County.

Anderson and Kite v. Hills Department Stores, work injuries – construction, $2,395,700.00 jury verdict, Vermilion County, Danville, Illinois. Offer $180,000.00.

Townsend v. Fassbinder Builders, et al., construction fall from the first floor to the basement. Trial verdict $2,176,237.77, Circuit Court of Lake County.

Abrassart v. Terminal Five Venture, et al., construction injury – cement finisher fell through floor opening at O’Hare expansion project, injured his back. $750,000.00 settlement. Circuit Court of Cook County.

Scott v. Metropolitan Sanitary District, work injury – construction, $600,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Cook County (accident at Stickney).

Pope v. Woodfield Hilton Towers, et al., $450,000.00 day of trial settlement to a truck driver injured while making a delivery. Circuit Court of Cook County.

Buchholz v. USA, flight attendant injured while passing through security. Settlement following liability trial. $390,000.00 Northern District, Illinois.

$162,500.00 settlement
Bus driver injured when he tripped on snow-covered rebar while accessing a portable toilet at a construction site.

Catalano v. Calcese, construction injury. Carpenter injures two fingers with an unguarded saw. Settlement Circuit Court of Cook County.

Aguilar, Zorinana and Ramirez v. Hexagon, et al., exposure of workers and their families to toxic chemicals without proper safety equipment. Confidential settlement – Circuit Court of Cook County.

Dangerous And Defective Products

Benard v. Gena Laboratories, et al., product liability, $1,015,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Cook County.

Hill v. Lebanon Chemical, product liability – work injury industrial machine; $850,000.00 settlement; Circuit Court of Vermilion County.

Thornton v. Firestone, product liability – work injury industrial machine; $700,000.00 settlement; Federal Court, Springfield (accident at Quincy).

Mindak v. Antioch Tire Co., truck tire explodes after repaired. $650,000.00 plus partial waiver of workers’ compensation lien.

Larry Davis v. Rexworks v. R.L. Brink, product liability, design/manufacturer of cement mixer – unguarded mixer drum; arm fractures; $220,000.00 settlement.

Zumbahlen v. Toro Lawn Mowers, product liability, defective mower controls. Confidential settlement. Effingham County.

Johnson v. Chrysler Motors, product liability – defective vehicle. Confidential settlement, Vermilion County, Danville.

Personal Injury

Forshew v. USAir, air disaster, $8,100,000.00 jury verdict, Federal Court, Cleveland, Ohio. Two combined cases, one a wrongful death action accounting for $7,350,000.00 of the verdict, the other a personal injury case accounting for the remainder.

David v. Rothschild, et al., injury – construction, $1,250,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Cook County.

Van Heck v. Severs, farm accident, $370,000.00 settlement, Circuit Court of Vermilion County.

Bayne v. Hinkley Parachute – one of the lead attorneys in the case – a crash of plane on takeoff for a parachute jump. All aboard were killed. Confidential settlement. Circuit Court of Kane County.

Jane Doe v. Cicero School District, improper school procedures. Seven-year-old girl released to a neighbor who assaulted her. Settlement amount cannot be disclosed. Circuit Court of Cook County.

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