How might a car drive safely near an 18-wheeler?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle collisions involving 18-wheel tractor-trailers could leave smaller cars completely crushed. Assuming truck drivers are always at fault for tractor-trailer accidents in Illinois would be both inaccurate and unfair. Another driver could commit a moving violation that makes a crash unavoidable. Drivers approaching a massive truck may benefit from driving more carefully and avoiding any disasters.

Being more careful around massive trucks

Cutting off a tractor-trailer seems like a terrible idea. A huge truck requires a significant amount of distance to come to a stop, and cutting in front of the truck without warning may be incredibly risky. Aggressive driving and cutting in-and-out of lanes create dangers, and things could worsen when near a large commercial truck.

When passing a truck legally, do so quickly and safely. The driver may have a large blind spot, and remaining in that spot may be regrettable.

Many truck accidents happen when a tractor-trailer driver tailgates a smaller vehicle. The situation works in reverse, too. Tailgating a truck to get it to move out of the way may lead to a catastrophe if the truck tries to make a sudden stop. Crashing into the rear of an 18-wheeler may leave a smaller car getting the worst of things.

Added safety measures to avoid crashes

Making some adjustments for 18-wheel trucks could cut down on the chances of an accident. Trucks often need more room to turn, so why not give the driver the necessary space? Attempting to “own the road” may be a bad idea and one that comes with consequences.

Driving too closely to a truck in any direction may put everyone in danger. Besides the aforementioned blind spot issue, something could fall off the truck due to improper fastening. Tire blowouts happen at times, and being too close to a tractor-trailer is not the place to be when it does. Keep a safe distance to reduce the danger level.

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