Millions of Boppy baby products recalled

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Many new parents in Chicago may still have a dangerous recalled baby product in their home. Recently, 3.3 million newborn loungers manufactured by the Boppy Co. were recalled due to serious safety concerns. Eight infant fatalities were connected to use of the loungers.

Boppy products are unsafe for sleep

The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission announced the recall of several Boppy products including:

  • Boppy Original Newborn Loungers
  • Boppy Preferred Newborn Loungers
  • Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Loungers

These products were sold in stores across the U.S. and Canada between January 2004 and September 2021. Some of the stores where they were sold include Walmart, Target, Amazon and Pottery Barn Kids.

The CPSC advises parents to stop using these products right away and contact Boppy to request a refund. Parents may also be able to file a product liability claim if their infants were injured while using Boppy loungers.

Company denies marketing loungers for sleep

While Boppy has expressed sadness over the fatalities, the company has also denied marketing its products for infant sleep or unsupervised use. The company said that it is dedicated to educating parents about safe infant sleep practices.

Between December 2015 and June 2020, there were reportedly eight fatalities involving infants who had suffocated while in a Boppy lounger. The deaths occurred while the infants were on their stomach, side or back.

If your infant was injured, you may be able to sue

Whether your infant was injured in a Boppy product or another infant lounger, you may be able to sue. Manufacturers are often liable for injuries if their products do not contain adequate warnings or instructions about safe use.

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