Truck accident settlements take time

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Illinois truck accident cases are certainly not resolved overnight. Instead, you should prepare yourself for what could be a lengthy process. You have very little control over how long the settlement or lawsuit process will take, as that is partly in the hands of a jury or court.

Learning the cause of a truck accident takes time

The first thing that takes time is investigating the truck accident. These crashes take more time to get to the bottom of than a car crash. There are far more factors to look into, including obtaining data from the trucking company about the maintenance and the driver’s records.

Truck accidents also take time to negotiate

Second, you may be dealing with far bigger dollar numbers in truck accident cases. Trucking companies have larger insurance policies to protect their business. In addition, truck accident injuries tend to be more severe, so claimants are seeking more money. Insurance companies do not lightly write a large check. They will take time to negotiate the claim, making several lower offers before they begin to raise their proposed settlement. All of this is to say that truck accident cases could take years. Much depends on how reasonable the insurance company is being in settlement negotiations and how motivated you are to settle your own case.

The worst thing that an accident victim could do is have an artificial timeline for getting their money in their case. Then, they may settle their claim for far less than it is worth. The process takes time, but you should allow yourself every avenue to explore to get you as much compensation as you legally deserve.

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