Reckless drivers cause accidents

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A driver who disregards the safety of others puts people’s lives in jeopardy. Someone who crosses a double line to pass another vehicle could face severe consequences in Illinois. Reckless drivers may face criminal charges after causing an accident. Expect a civil suit to follow when the driver harms another person.

Reckless driving and negligence

Excessive speeding, tailgating, and cutting others off are all reckless behaviors that could cause fatal accidents. Anyone who commits highly reckless actions on the road would likely be liable for any injuries.

Defensive drivers should remain alert to reckless persons on the road. Unfortunately, it could be impossible to predict that someone will go through a stop sign at high speed. That may be one of the most dangerous elements of reckless driving: people can’t predict when or where such drivers appear. Hopefully, the accident victims can seek compensation for their injuries and losses.

Suing a reckless driver

Motor vehicle crashes could leave victims with significant losses. Lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and medical bills may be recoverable through a lawsuit. With sufficient evidence of the other party’s negligence, the plaintiff might have a strong case to present.

An injured party often may file an insurance claim against a negligent driver. Any payments would be subject to policy limits, and some victims might need to explore uninsured driver claims. When the party has insufficient insurance, filing an underinsured motorist claim may be necessary, and there are times when suing above the driver’s policy limits is unavoidable. Ultimately, the damages and losses suffered by the victim may guide the approach to seeking compensation.

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