How can construction managers protect workers from struck-by injuries?

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When you arrive at a construction job, you have a right to reasonable safety. It is your employer, supervisor or construction manager’s job to ensure a safe environment where everyone follows the safety standards.

Struck-by accidents are one of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries and fatalities within the construction industry, where most injuries occur due to falling objects or equipment.

Managers should focus on prevention

You should see signs of a manager’s attempt to prevent accidents on the job site. For instance, you may see flyers instructing workers on safety methods around the site. Likewise, the management should hold regular safety meetings where you discuss safety standards and injury prevention. They may also spread the word about struck-by injuries on social media.

Managers should provide adequate training

Employers should not assume that all employees have adequate training. They should hold training sessions where all employees have proper training in all equipment and power tools. Likewise, they should look for workers who have proper certifications. Even if you practice all the safety precautions, another worker’s lack of training can create a dangerous situation for you and others on the worksite.

Managers should enforce safety gear rules

All workers should be required to wear proper gear when working. For example, glasses, face shields, hard hats are necessary equipment. Likewise, vehicles should have safety technology, such as driver warnings and speed reduction systems. All small tools should have tethers to prevent falls and workers should wear visible clothing.

Managers who fail to implement safety precautions may be responsible for worker injuries.

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