Stay safe as delivery trucks increase traffic this holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Personal Injury

The constant increase of online commerce means an influx of delivery trucks on highways and residential streets. The size and weight of these trucks can result in catastrophic damage and injury if an auto accident occurs. As people begin to order Christmas gifts and other items online to prepare for the season, even more traffic may lead to more accidents.

Keep these safety measures in mind to stay safe among the dramatically increased truck traffic as the holiday season approaches.

Pay attention in parking areas

Delivery trucks have large blind spots, which becomes an issue when drivers have to back in and out of tight parking spaces. Give a truck plenty of space to maneuver in this type of situation and make sure the driver can see your vehicle. If you are on foot, enter the street or lot only at designated areas and avoid walking close to trucks that may reverse without warning.

Provide plenty of space

Leaving substantial distance between your vehicle and all sides of a delivery truck can help you stay out of the driver’s blind spots. Never cut off a truck or follow too closely behind. Large, heavy vehicles need more time to stop than smaller passenger cars do. If you are not sure if you are in a truck’s blind spots, look for the vehicle’s side mirrors. If you cannot see the driver’s face, he or she cannot see you.

Last year, the journal Transport Topics reported that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is studying the gap in safety measures for these small delivery trucks and vans. Awareness of this issue can potentially help you avoid serious auto accident injury.

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